What we do

Strategic Planning by a process called  Roadmapping

We have a proven process of creating Collaborative-based strategic roadmaps. Using your team’s existing working relationships and styles we develop Key Performance Indicators. We ask the question ‘Where will the world be in 5 years?’ and then build a plan to get you there. Our roadmapping process takes 6-12 months to develop, resulting in a plan that will work for your organization not destined to become a binder on the shelf.

We work with fundraising practitioners at all levels. From the executive to staff, and the Board of Directors, we invite all the Board, executive suite members, fundraisers, and support staff to contribute in a way where they are valued for their contributions. Our involvement is focused on developing your investment in time and talent.

  • Defining who will give and why
  • Actionable communication pieces
  • Marketing plan that guides the whole campaign and anticipates and avoids obstacles
  • Successful volunteer raining volunteers led by campaign leadership and supported by counsel

Our professional fundraising staff works with your team to design the campaign, train and motivate volunteers and provide ongoing assistance to adapt the plan to address changing market conditions throughout the process.

We find money in your database.

Many organizations have powerful databases that are vastly underused. Databases and donor bases are goldmines.

Going beyond writing grants to thinking strategically, we help you create an integrated approach to grants and relationships. Your strategy should identify foundations best fit and treat them like the treasured donors they are.

The average tenure for fundraising practitioners is now less than 18 months. We come alongside your organization and work with you to find the right people to work with you.

We understand that running national campaigns is tough. We can help you raise more money by addressing each branch uniquely, tailoring the greater campaign to their particular market.

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